Data & Transaction Security:

Email and Data transfers performed to/from PEI, are secured using the highest standards in transaction cryptography. We are utilizing AES_256_CBC with SHA-1 for message authentication & ECDHE_RSA (Elliptic curve Diffie–Hellman) as a key exchange mechanism.

Open Source Technologies Initiative:

Todays main stream development applications and work flow softwares are targeted towards proprietary operating systems such as (Microsoft Windows, Apple IOS, etc) however here at PEI we are taking an Open Source Software Implementation initiative to not only benefit from the $0.00 cost of acquisition but also a community developed ecosystem to ensure higher application development standards and steep learning curve into real world problem solving. To ensure better availability of proprietary OS & Applications, we have developed a hybrid clustered system that provides transparent access for both intra-net & extra-net traffic over highly available and secured channels.